16 February 2016

London Town: TOOTOOMOO in Crouch End

The branding of TOOTOOMOO is what first catches your eye, their shop with its bold font and colours with matching delivery bike and van parked out front makes it hard to miss among Crouch Ends otherwise more subdued cafes and restaurants. Then comes the menu, as a lover of Asian food, Pan-Asian really stands out to me as an exciting concept, taking the best traditions and mixing them to make new dishes.

I'd chose it as the destination to take my beau for a surprise birthday meal last summer and hadn't been since until a few weeks ago when we decided to head there for an impromptu date night. To my delight happy hour cocktails were being served between 5-7pm - perfect for my 6.30pm arrival - I started with the Coconut Caipiriuka (their cocktail of the week bartender Anna told me). Edamame beans were a must while I waited for Conor to join me.

I kept bartender Anna company at the front with bar stool seating for take away orders and drank my way through a few more cocktails and a cheeky order of the duck & watermelon salad. I cheekily mentioned the salad reminded me of a similar recipe I ate at Notting Hill's E&O restaurant when to my surprise I was told the head chef had moved to TOOTOOMOO recently and brought the dish with him. The chef even popped out to say hello. Okay, he was getting a drink of water from the bar at convenient timing but he said a polite hello none the less.

Conor finally arrived and we were seated, with our Mango Martini and Long Island Iced Tea. We then ordered our curry dishes - some of which unsurprisingly we asked to take home to finish - considering I'd eaten an entire starter and main already.

The bill came to a modest £70.00 which included service. TOOTOOMOO really is a favourite of mine and one I'll dearly miss when I move out of London (their three branches are in Crouch End, Archway and Finchley), maybe I can convince their friendly Irish owner to open shop in Truro. Their stand out branding and refreshing cuisine will surely be a hit in West Country! What do you say?

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